Oakwood Memorial Gardens has been serving the Greater Huntsville area since 2001

We have comforted and stood with families and their most difficult times

We Pride ourselves on excellent customer service

We welcome all faiths

...and have a great relationship with funeral homes locally and nationally

Listing Program Benefits

We recognize that many individuals and families inherit interment rights, or purchase them in advance of need, and then find themselves leaving the area, or making other arrangements, Oakwood Memorial Gardens has instituted a Listing Program through witch interment rights owners who wish to sell may give us permission to act on their behalf.


Why this program is beneficial to the seller:
  • No advertising – buyers come to us.
  • No attorneys or outside brokers –OMG will represent you.
  • No traveling to meet with prospective buyers or sign documents – everything can be handled through the mail.
Why this program is beneficial to the buyer:
  • Greater inventory selection – Many of the interment spaces on our listed are in areas where the cemetery inventory is “sold out.”
  • Be near loved ones – Interment spaces on our List may restore a previously “lost” opportunity to purchase interment rights in a space near loved ones already interred here.
  • No transfer hassles – OMG handles all of the paperwork to transfer ownership between seller and buyer.



Cemetery Maintenance Standards

Oakwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery will perform at a minimum, the following maintenance of its cemetery property in accordance with the OU/OMGc’s Rules and Regulations and the State of Alabama Code of Regulations for cemeteries.
  • Remove and dispose of any dead flowers from funeral displays or floral arrangements around lots and graves as necessary.
  • Pick up and dispose of all litter, plastic and cardboard pots, and other debris.
  • Keep all buildings, pathways, and parking lots clear of debris.
  • Trim shrubbery and trees; remove fallen limbs, twigs, and brush in a timely manner.
  • Trim or mow developed cemetery lawns, spray and suppress weeds in accordance with the county agriculture regulations, and remove brush and grass clippings from around monuments and along the curbs.
  • Make repairs to cemetery owned buildings, mausoleums, columbaria, sidewalk, roads, walls, and fences in the course of normal maintenance, according to work scheduling and available resources, including outside contractors if necessary.
  • Empty trash receptacles regularly.
  • Water the grass, planter beds, and pots using either reclaimed or potable water in accordance with the local water authority.
  • Repair sunken or damaged graves as needed, according to work scheduling.
  • Keep the pond and waterways or other bodies of water clear of debris. Clear drains as necessary.
  • Control vermin and other pest problems as necessary within county regulations.
  • Remove any unauthorized ornamentation from graves/lawn crypts; remove sticker and other items placed on crypts or niche fronts when deemed by management to be unacceptable, unsightly or offensive.
  • Remove potted plants, vases or other items placed on the ground in front of crypts or niches.
  • Repair any grave marker, monument, or burial vault that is damaged by cemetery equipment, employees, or contractors.

For special service requests, please contact us at 7000 Adventist Blvd., Huntsville, Alabama 35896 or 256-726-8278 Office.